Here's what we know about the chaos that unfolded Tuesday near a Washington Park home

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Elliot HughesSophie CarsonAshley Luthern Milwaukee Journal Sentinel After a chaotic saga unfolded Tuesday centering around two missing teenage girls and a Washington Park home suspected of being a sex trafficking hub, Milwaukee police said Wednesday there is no indication the girls were ever there — or that the house was used for such activity. The girls, ages 13 and 15, were found by one of their mothers more than three miles away, police said, and have since been reunited with their families after interviews with investigators. The developments come after a civilian-led search for the girls evolved over several hours Tuesday into civil unrest and a clash between a gathered crowd and police in tactical gear in the block of North 40th Street. Left in the wake of the events were three people shot — including two year-olds — plus 10 officers and a firefighter injured, a house set on fire twice and an unknown number of others hurt by the tear gas and rubber bullets police fired into a scattered crowd. It was an extraordinary example of just how deeply rooted the frustration and mistrust in the police can be in Milwaukee's communities of color. Prominent local activists accused the police of not trying hard enough to find missing persons.

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