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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. What you need to know about yoni massage What are they and do they make you orgasm? According to some experts, the yoni massage practice is all about explorative touch. It's meant to release tension, which they claim can increase vaginal sensitivity, reduce anxiety and even heal past trauma. We spoke to Tantric sex coach Alexey Kuzmin, and women's sexual healing mentor Grace Hazel to find out more. Yoni massages are becoming ever more popular Adene Sanchez What is yoni massage? While most of my clients feel some sort of anxiety, numbness or pain during sexand are hoping to explore and develop their sexual experience, yoni massage does also have the power to heal past sexual trauma. If you're nervous then establishing a safe word can help by ensuring you know the massage will be stopped at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Each practitioner will be different in the way they carry out yoni massage, with most starting with a full body massage, which then leads onto the vagina when the client is relaxed and ready.

I usually see the same female knead therapist. Recently, the receptionist said the therapist had just had a ancestor emergency and had to leave. I was offered a massage with a newly hired male therapist. I took it. The experience was very disturbing… not from anything he did abuse, but from my reaction. He was proper and professional, used a make dry to cover my private area, after that held it up to block as me when I turned over. But I felt very aroused and agitated.

September 3, I have to admit: after a Girl Boner Radio listener wrote in about her tendency to orgasm during massages, I was a diminutive bit envious. And I was all in all okay with that. What is ahead with that? Also, I keep defective more massage appointments, haha. Any suggestions?

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