The Single Girl's Guide to Attending a Party Solo

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But if you think about it, this is a holiday that at its core is about spreading love and that's something everyone has in their life — especially if you've got a great group of lady friends. That said, why not take the holiday as an opportunity to plan a singles Valentine's Day party that will have them feeling all the love? A truly memorable bash requires a fair amount of planning, whether that means creating a custom cocktail that captures the essence of the occasion or decking out your space with decor that's chic not cheesy. And then of course there's food and drink to consider. Frankly, it can be a bit overwhelming for anyone who's not well versed in the art of entertaining — but thankfully Ashley Bryant, founder of Los Angeles-based event design studio Main Schatz Events is just that. Considering the fact that her stylish affairs have been covered by the likes of Martha Stewart Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes among othersBryant is a pro when it comes to pulling off elegant and glamorous events — and why shouldn't her advice also be applied to a bash that honors you and your single girlfriends? After all, it's your guests' first taste of what the event has to offer. For your single ladies' party, Bryant suggests skipping e-vites in favor of the real deal for an extra special touch that also nods to the tradition of Valentine's Day.

The stars are aligned or whatever as you get to laugh with your girlfriends and go to brunch after that wear yoga pants everyday. Today, you can just pursue whatever seems appealing for as long as it seems interesting and then move on. Basically: instead of a life spent focusing on your kids and husband, at once women get what men have all the time had — the ability to be the center of your own animation. Bro… have you ever gone hungover to brunch and laughed with your friends about what you did the night before?

Even if some people see Valentine's Day at the same time as an annoying and unnecessary commercial carnival, I'm a sucker for any after that every holiday, and I am looking forward to sending handwritten cards after that eating delicious desserts and chocolate kisses. If you're thinking, she must akin to Valentine's Day because she's in a happy and healthy relationship, think all over again. While couples massages aren't in my near future, I plan on having a ball on February Just as you don't have a significant erstwhile to cuddle up next to doesn't mean you can't commemorate a anniversary that honors love.

We may earn commission from the acquaintance on this page. Jun 17, Peter Dazeley Whether your divorce is a result of a loveless marriagea contaminated relationshipor two people simply growing at a distance, there's no doubt this sort of split is one of the hardest life events a person can attempt through. And that's exactly why annulment parties exist. Perhaps you wanted absent for years and are truly all the rage celebration mode or you were blindsided by the breakup and are allay working through all of your emotions —either way, a divorce party be able to help the newly single turn a new page once the long after that often costly proceedings are finally above. The best divorce parties aren't focused on mocking the former partner—especially but you have kids. Instead, it should be a way to honor you, your new chapter, and your aid system. Carla Marie Manlya clinical psychologist in California. Your invite list should include only the close-knit group of people who have been supporting you through the divorce.

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