Azoospermia: When Your Sperm Count Is Zero

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By Dailymail. A young woman who discovered that she has 50 half-siblings via her anonymous sperm donor dad has voiced her 'paranoia' that she is going to 'end up dating' one of them by mistake. The year-old New Jersey resident, who is known only by her first name, Izzy, took to TikTok to share her shock at learning about her brothers and sisters - which came after she took a DNA test in the hopes of finding out more information about her background. In a now-viral videoIzzy - who is the daughter of two mothers who turned to an anonymous sperm donor to conceive her - explains that she took the test back inhaving grown curious about her heritage from her dad's side of the family. Shock: A New Jersey woman has revealed her surprise at learning she has 50 siblings via the anonymous sperm donor her mothers used to conceive her after taking a DNA test. Family: Izzy is a triplet and both she and her brothers were conceived and carried by one of their mothers.

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