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It's no shock that the episodes penned by ASP are usually the strongest of each season. This one has it all: sad moments between Rory and Lorelai, heaps of passive aggression from Emily, a glimpse at Halloween in Stars Hollow, and Madeleine fucking Albright. Most batshit crazy outfit: If I had Birkin bag money, you bet your ass I would have a tailor on hand to save me from ill-fitting blazers like this one:. I know Paris is skint right now, but what the fuck is this apple dress? Did she sell all her good clothes to Beacon's Closet and only keep the Forever 21 rejects? I can't get a good photo of it, but there is a pink ribbon running the width of the dress at mid-thigh, along with a layer of ruffles. At least her hair looks good! On a positive note, I love Rory and Lorelai's birthday party looks. Both women are wearing mid-length black dresses with sheer accents.

As a result of Erica Tempesta For Dailymail. European women may seem like they have a more casual attitude when it comes to sex, but it is their American counterparts who are apparently having more one-night stands. Even American men appear to be having slightly add random hookups, averaging around seven one-night stands, compared to the guys all the rage Europe who have had roughly six. Impromptu encounters: DrED surveyed Americans after that Europeans about one-night stands file photograph. American girls: Female respondents from the U. Counting the numbers: Of those surveyed, 27 per cent have had between three to five sexual partners. But despite the slightly different numbers, women are still being judged designed for having one-time sexual encounters with ancestor they've just met. Twenty per cent of the men surveyed said they would 'congratulate' another guy for having a one-night stand, but only nine per cent of men said they'd do the same for a female who revealed she had one.

Adolescence today are spending their time another way than they did a decade back. But what has not changed are the differences between teen boys after that girls in time spent on ease, grooming, homework, housework and errands, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of Bureau of Labor Data data. Overall, teens ages 15 en route for 17 spend an hour a calendar day, on average, doing homework during the school year, up from 44 minutes a day about a decade back and 30 minutes in the mids. Teens are also getting more shut-eye than they did in the ancient. They are clocking an average of over nine and a half hours of sleep a night, an add to of 22 minutes compared with adolescence a decade ago and almost an hour more than those in the mids. Sleep patterns fluctuate quite a bit — on weekends, teens arithmetic mean about 11 hours, while on weekdays they typically get just over nine hours a night. While these findings are derived from time diaries all the rage which respondents record the amount of time they slept on the aforementioned night, results from other types of surveys suggest teens are getting fewer hours of sleep.

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