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So, the direct object should be the gerund noun form of the verb ' to meet ', i. In contrast: I'm waiting to meet you. Only 2 is correct. The phrasal verb ' look forward to ' must be followed by a noun or, as in this case, a gerund, which is a noun equivalent. The actual problem in this case is, that to is a preposition here and NOT part of the infinitive!

Individual way, and the way I would suggest, is tengo ganas de ir or tengo ganas de irme I'm looking forward to going away. Haha, so I asked one of my co-workers this earlier today before as this I mean you can achieve sentences that would approximate the aim, but you wouldn't hear a citizen speaker say them. I like tener ganas de.. I hope this helps. Tener ganas is more like I really want to, not I'm looking forward to, although I suppose you could say there isn't that a good deal of a difference. There doesn't appear to be a suitable translation designed for this.

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