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Men need women to orgasm so they can feel more masculine, a new study finds. When he returned to his male form, he was summoned by the god Zeus and the goddess Hera to settle a debate: who enjoys sex more? Men or women? Women have deeper and more varied orgasms than men: Study goes deep into the Big O Back to video Tiresias said women, and Hera blinded him for disagreeing with her. Zeus, in his turn, granted Tiresias with his mythical second sight for proving him right. The Indian Kama Sutra, the Taoist Art of the Bedchamber, even medieval Christian art, all show love for and relish women in the throes of pleasure. Then Victorian culture quashed notions of sexual pleasure and what lingers is a repressed view that wrongly paints the female orgasm as some mysterious inverse of male ejaculation. Instead, it argues that our understanding is limited both by cultural norms carried over from the Victorian era, limited general understanding of female anatomy. Instead, it argues there are many and more varied kinds of female orgasms, suggesting, just as Tiresias did, that good sex is even better for women than men.

Let's work together to keep the banter civil. Be the first one en route for review. Climaxing issues keeping you bad sex? Hitting the so-called 'Big O' remains a dream for you? Able-bodied, a major reason for your bad sexual prowess can be what lies on your platter. Nutritionist, Ishi Khosla explains, Everything that can be summed up as good sex depends en route for a great extent on your body's blood circulation, which is made before marred by the food that you consume.

Featured Author: Dr. Other researchers found so as to most women do not routinely after that some never experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. Women react to the consequential emotional pain by developing a bad self-concept or body image, distrust of their partner and other protective after that pseudo-independent defenses that, in turn, affect alienation in their relationships. Basically anxious anxious or avoidant attachment patterns they developed in childhood persist into fully developed life and strongly influence numerous aspects of sexual relating.

Sexploration columnist Brian Alexander offers some tips for lovemaking sessions that last longer. Should people reveal their sexual pasts with a new partner? And can you repeat that? exactly qualifies as an erogenous zone? Sexploration answers your queries. Have an intimate question? To e-mail us, be on the same wavelength here. We'll tackle select questions all the rage future columns.

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