Common Questions About the COVID-19 Outbreak

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The COVID outbreak and resulting social distancing has led to canceled blood drives and dramatic blood shortages in many parts of the country. Tests for the virus that causes COVID can be done on samples taken by swabbing inside the nose or throat or on saliva spit samples. The testing field is changing rapidly, as the FDA continues to allow new tests onto the market. The CDC has issued guidance on who should consider being tested.

This story is part of a arrange of stories called Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us. Patrick Healy says he did everything right all the rage his job search. After being laid off as a designer early arrange in the pandemic, Healy, 36, tried his hand at a couple of entrepreneurial ventures before looking for a new full-time position at the advantage of For the most amount, he heard nothing back, regardless of how qualified he was.

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