Year in Review: The 50 Best Songs of 2020

Woman fuking any 21427

This slick-ass retro jam was definitely in the vinyl rotation while your pop-pop smoked nana's boots. It's probably the most gleeful song about getting fucked so hard you can't walk straight the next day, and that's something we can all get behind. Syd and her voice are sultry and seductive as hell, and this only-a-minute-long splash-inducer captures that heat perfectly. Few songwriters have had their fantasies sung about by other people as much as The-Dream has. But there's still nothing realer than when he plays all the parts. There will never be a more effective sales pitch for sex toys than this ecstatic French electroclash love song to a mini portable vibrator. Pro tip: invest in a rechargable one. On this late-'90s cut, Xscape convinced us that forbidden love is the riskiest turn-on with the highest reward.

It was released in January as the lead single from the album Women in Technology. Outside the United Empire, the single reached No. In the booklet of their album 69 Adoration SongsThe Magnetic Fields' frontman Stephin Merritt described Your Woman as one of his favourite pop songs of the last few years. Jyoti Prakash Mishra, White Town's sole member and the writer of Your Woman, had garnered some notoriety within the United Kingdom's underground music scene in the years leading up to the song's conventional release. He says When I wrote it, I was trying to carve a pop song that had add than one perspective. Although it's in black and white in the first person, the appeal behind that viewpoint isn't necessarily can you repeat that? the casual listener would expect. Body a straight guy in love along with a lesbian.

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