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They offered theater goers who could afford the cover charge the chance to be entertained by some of Broadway's biggest stars and prettiest chorus girls in an intimate setting. After the big stage show earlier in the evening, Will Rogers, Eddie Cantor and many other theater legends kept the makeup on, went upstairs and continued telling jokes and singing songs into the wee hours of the morning. Although the Frolics had gone out of fashion some ten years earlier, in Ziegfeld recreated a Frolic in New York's Astoria studio for the sound movie camera with Eddie Cantor as the star. It may have been staged just for the camera, but the film has the feel of a live performance with Cantor telling topical jokes and singing three novelty songs in his trade marked high energy style. I got the sense that he wanted to start bouncing around the stage the way he did in his live appearances but that the bulky camera and early sound equipment forced him to stay in one place.

Aforementioned to revealing they were back all together and once again engaged, year-old Courtney Stodden and her year-old estranged companion Doug Hutchison put on quite the public display of affection as they took to the beach on Friday to show off how enamored they are with each other. The surgically enhanced teenager frolicked in a azure bikini as she locked lips after that canoodled with her 35 years older main man. Scroll down for capture Endless love: Courtney Stodden and alienate husband Doug Hutchison frolic in the water on Monday after revealing they are engaged again Courtney could hardly contain herself as her ample cleavage nearly spilled out of her diminutive two-piece swimsuit. Her overprocessed platinum locks cascaded down her shoulders as she flashed her petite waist and lean legs while roaming sans platform heels on the beach. The reality best also made sure to display her huge diamond ring as she basked in the spotlight. Bathing beauty: The year-old could barely contain herself at the same time as her ample cleavage nearly spilled absent of her tiny two-piece swimsuit Accommodate on: The surgically enhanced teenager frolicked in a blue bikini as she locked lips and canoodled with her 35 years older main man Accomplish waves in Courtney's blue bikini arrange your next holiday Courtney Stodden's Azure Bikini Into the blue! The fair-haired bombshell was seen cavorting with her main man in the sea bearing a diamante embellished blue bikini, attractive the opportunity to showcase her surgically enhanced yet impressive physique.

Looking for your next romance featuring an odd couple? Look no further than Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston! Grabby hands! If you love stories a propos heroes and heroines falling in adoration with their polar opposites, look denial further! Find your new favorite charge below. How often do you accompany a romance between a Siberian Tiger shifter and a Honey Badger shifter!? Come for the shifters, stay designed for the fantastic world building and an unforgettable romance. You bet they can!

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