A Beginner's Guide for 'Straight' Women Who Want to Act on Queer Feelings

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Stopping use of antidepressant medications Postpartum depression Many new mothers find themselves sad, angry and irritable, and experience crying spells soon after giving birth. These feelings — sometimes called the baby blues — are normal and generally subside within a week or two. But more-serious or long-lasting depressed feelings may indicate postpartum depression, particularly if signs and symptoms include: Crying more often than usual Low self-esteem or feeling like you're a bad mom Anxiety or feeling numb Trouble sleeping, even when your baby is sleeping Problems with daily functioning Inability to care for your baby Thoughts of harming your baby Thoughts of suicide Postpartum depression is a serious medical condition requiring prompt treatment. It occurs in about 10 to 15 percent of women. It's thought to be associated with: Major hormonal fluctuations that influence mood The responsibility of caring for a newborn Predisposition to mood and anxiety disorders Pregnancy and birth complications Infant complications or special needs Poor social support Perimenopause and menopause Risk of depression may increase during the transition to menopause, a stage called perimenopause, when hormone levels may fluctuate erratically. Depression risk may also rise during early menopause or after menopause — both times when estrogen levels are significantly reduced. Most women who experience bothersome menopausal symptoms don't develop depression. But these factors may increase the risk: Interrupted or poor sleep Anxiety or a history of depression Stressful life events Weight gain or a higher body mass index BMI Menopause at a younger age Menopause caused by surgical removal of the ovaries Life circumstances and culture The higher rate of depression in women isn't due to biology alone. Life circumstances and cultural stressors can play a role, too.

Women may find it harder to achieve a partner they are attracted en route for as they get older. Illustration: Nathalie Lees Women may find it harder to find a partner they are attracted to as they get older. There have since been numerous attacks by people who identify with incel culture, including Jack Davisonwho killed five people in Plymouth this summer, ahead of turning the gun on himself. All the rage the darkest corners of the internet, incel groups have become a procreation ground for toxic male entitlement, putting them on hate crime watchlists athwart the UK. But it is not just incel men who struggle en route for find sexual connections in the advanced world. Theirs is a non-violent battle.

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