Gentlemen Speak: 6 Things Guys Care About More Than Looks

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Before the heat of last summer, I believed that I was above watching a programme like Love Island. We know it will never be intellectually stimulating. We know it will never represent diversity or inclusivity. We know that sex plays a huge role in the success of this show. We could talk about the hyper-sexualisation of womxn, the antiquated gender binaries at play, the lack of homosexual representation, the effect this has on younger generations and how they view casual sex. Yet, what would it do to censor it?

They're non-committal. Even something as simple at the same time as making plans for Saturday night is impossible for This is not ahead for debate, this is science. They want to take you out, they don't want to PLAN the day out. It's like serving s'mores without the marshmallows. Guys possess no sense of urgency about texting you back. Achieve negative urgency, in fact.

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