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Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash In This Article Legality of Platonic Marriages Maybe you made a pact in your early twenties to marry a close friend if both of you were still single at 30 years old. What if you followed through on that pact and actually married your best friend, not because of a ticking clock or because you actually fell in love, but because you realized that they would be the best person to grow old and raise a family with, even though you had no romantic or sexual feelings towards them at all? Welcome to a platonic marriage. What Is a Platonic Marriage? A platonic marriage is a legal union based on spiritual connection or practical love, rather than on sexual or romantic love.

Having your spouse as your best acquaintance can be one of the absolute benefits of marriage. Friendship is individual of the characteristics of a blissful and lasting marriage, as well at the same time as the foundation of a healthy marriage ceremony. Research has shown that couples so as to have a great friendship have a higher percentage overall of marital agreement. In fact, the emotional connection so as to married couples share is said en route for be five times more important than their physical intimacy. Couples that are friends look forward to spending age together, and genuinely like one a different. Their activities and interests actually be converted into enhanced because they have their favorite person with whom to share their life experiences. Building and nurturing the marital friendship can strengthen a marriage ceremony because friendship in marriage is accepted to build emotional and physical closeness. Friendship helps married couples to air safe enough to be more ajar with one another without worrying a propos being judged or feeling insecure.

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