The 30 Most Shocking Rules Royals Are Required to Follow

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Being a royal is no cake walk—and from fashion and dining to social graces and disciplining children and pets, there are loads of rules and protocol royalty are expected to abide by. Here, the most shocking expectations, traditions, regulations and customs embraced by the royal family that even non-royals marrying in are expected to observe. You stand. Everyone in the Queens' presence is required to rise when the Queen is standing, or when she enters or exits a room. When greeting the Queen, men are expected to bow their heads, while women curtsy. However, curtsies are a demure and subtle dip down with one leg behind the other, rather than the grand gestures depicted in old films or tales of Disney royalty. In order to preserve the line to the throne, two heirs are not allowed to travel together.

Read: The education of a queen. Germany had tried to demoralize the English people, but their morale would not be broken. It never was advisable. It was not sangfroid, exactly, as there was no bravado to it. It was simply the real thing: courage. But the two were amalgamate by a habit of mind so as to once defined the British character: a willingness to face great hardship along with equanimity. But I think what so as to does internally is probably really destructive. This was not courage, cheerfulness, answer.

It was raining in London on the evening of March 5th, and accordingly only a small crowd had gathered outside Mansion House, the official abode of the Lord Mayor of London, to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrive for an awards ceremony hosted by the Endeavour Account, a charity that supports wounded ex-servicemen and women. As press photographers waited for the couple to dart as of Land Rover to lobby, they had little hope of a great shot: rain complicates flash photography, and the Duke and Duchess might be obscured by an umbrella. Luckily, Samir Hussein, who has frequently photographed the Extravagant Family, had an inspiration: flashes of cameras in the crowd could build a dramatic backlighting effect, as all the rage a studio shot, and other flashes might illuminate the faces of the Sussexes, Prince Harry and the early Meghan Markle. Hussein snapped a adventure the split second that the combine, their arms linked under a definite umbrella, turned toward each other after that smiled. The image became instantly iconic. Although the photograph suggested nuptial delight, it marked the conclusion of a whirlwind divorce—the abrupt separation of the Duke and Duchess from the Amalgamate Kingdom and its monarchy. The Duke and Duchess will no longer abuse the honorific H.

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