Getting To The Bottom Of Things: Finding The Male G-Spot Right In The Butt

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What if we suggested that the pleasure centre of the male body is in a hidden place? The only sanctimonious hidden space in the male anatomy, the glorious butthole. Oh boys, come now admit it, some of you secretly desire your lover to not be anal about finding your hot spot and the adventurous few have already discovered and explored the cavern of raw pleasure! Yes, it's the butt we're talking about, the inside of the anus to be specific. Men dig it and we aren't making this up, there is a scientific explanation for why it is loved by heterosexual males as much as homosexual. Buried not far within the anus is the male G-spot. Let's look at this in detail. Somewhere between the male urinary bladder and rectum lies the prostate gland.

Designed for one reason or another, anal access is frequently a final sexual border — and there can be a whole lot of buildup and nerves that comes along with it. We checked in with some experts after that asked them to take the ambiguity out of anal sex for beginnersand they schooled us on some positions that can help ease you addicted to your first time to actually accomplish it an enjoyable experience. In the traditional cowgirl position, your partner lies down while you mount on acme — yeehaw! As the partner arrange top, you can ease into anal penetration by moving up or along as needed.

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