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The Commission has developed policies that outline in more detail how the Code applies to grounds such as family status, age older personssexual orientation, race, disability, gender identify, sex harassment, and also pregnancy and breastfeeding and language may be connected to ethnic origin, place of origin, race and ancestry. For a list of Commission policies, refer to Appendix A. Based on their unique combination of identities, people may be exposed to particular forms of discrimination and may experience significant personal pain and social harm that come from such acts of discrimination. As lesbians, this woman and her spouse may be exposed to forms of discrimination that other Jewish women with children are not. Example: A young Black man in a customer service position is denied a promotion. Most of the clients and other staff are White men over age

Central Government Yes for Citizens, Permanent Residents, Temporary Residents, Protected Persons and Expatriate Claimants None for adults Parent before guardian's permission required for minors Alberta Yes for persons born in Alberta No for Albertan residents born absent of province None for adults Blood relation or guardian's permission required for adolescence age Professional's certification required for adolescence age 11 or younger [6] British Columbia Yes for persons born all the rage British Columbia No for British Columbia residents born out of province Biased certification from a prescribed professional compulsory for all applicants Manitoba Yes designed for persons born in Manitoba and Citizens of Canada residing in Manitoba designed for one year, no for all erstwhile Manitoban residents Supporting certification from a prescribed professional required for all applicants New Brunswick Yes for all Additional Brunswick residents three months' residency requirementand New Brunswick-born persons. Once the person's gender is changed with IRCC, the agency will issue a Verification of Status annotated with the person's adjust of name if any and femininity, as a linking document between their Canadian identity and their foreign beginning certificate. The article cites the argument of Naomi Chen a pseudonyma trans woman who was born in Hong Kong and holds Chinese nationality after that Hong Kong permanent resident status. She says she is now afraid of interacting with the community, given the incorrect gender designation on her documents.

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