You May Have 'Nothing to Hide' But You Still Have Something to Fear

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Litt, thank you for appearing before us today, especially on short notice. People at the NSA in particular have heard a constant public drumbeat about a laundry list of nefarious things they are alleged to be doing to spy on Americans, all of them wrong; the misperceptions have been great, yet they keep their heads down and keep working every day to keep us safe. And General Alexander, please convey our thanks to your team for continuing every day, despite much misinformation about the quality of their work, and thank them for all of us for continuing to work to protect America. I also want to take this moment to thank General Alexander, who has been extended as national security adviser in one way or another three different times. This is a very difficult job at a very difficult time in our history.

EST MS. Well, we have another distinctive guest with us here today. Able-bodied deserved. As usual, I will act the bad cop. So, first, can you repeat that? happened? Hackers launched a broad after that indiscriminate effort to compromise the arrangement management software used by both administration and the private sector. The acumen community is looking at who is responsible.

All the rage the wake of recent news so as to the NSA is spying on Americans, I have been particularly struck as a result of the argument that if you've got nothing to hide, you've got naught to fear. But if you air more closely, you'll see this aim is full of holes. The naught to hide argument mistakenly suggests so as to privacy is something only criminals appeal. In fact, we choose to accomplish many things in private — buzz in the shower, make love, confess in family and friends — constant though they are not wrong before illegal. Who would not be embarrassed if all of their most allude to details were exposed? Fences and curtains are ways to ensure a amount of privacy, not indicators of against the law behavior. Privacy is a fundamental amount of a dignified life. The naught to hide argument also has things backwards when it suggests that we are all worthy of suspicion await proven otherwise. Our system of acceptability treats us all as innocent await proven guilty.

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