Tracey Cox reveals the 16 signs your office crush likes you

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Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault The fact that Americans spend, on average, more than 40 hours a week at the workplace makes it a fertile ground for co-worker attraction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsfull-time employees worked an average of 8. The more time we spend together, the greater the chance that attraction between two people will evolve. In fact, the mere extended exposure to someone can increase our attraction to them. Add to that the mix that the workplace is an ideal pre-screener, likely to throw us together with others in our age group, having similar socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, similar sets of values, and similar aspirations, and the attraction between co-workers is almost inevitable, and workplace romance is quite possible. If you make an effort to read the signs a coworker is experiencing attraction, it can be quite obvious. It also offers countless opportunities for working friendships and relationships to develop. As teams collaborate in the workforce, there will likely be colleagues with complementary skills and interests and an attractive member of the opposite sex. Many companies will experience women and men dating each other after meeting at work!

At this juncture are some tips from Losee after that a few other sources on how to manage hooking up with before dating someone in the office. Accomplish sure you have more than act in common Often, people confuse camaraderie against a mean boss with a bite more. It's a lot like can you repeat that? happens to battle-scarred comrades in period of war, says Losee. Don't just talk a propos work together, and make sure you get out with people other than your colleagues. Shop talk can be a good way to build affinity, but it's definitely not enough en route for last you long-term. If you attempt for it, calculate your risk, after that move slowly Brian Talbot, Flickr Don't get too intense too quickly.

After you're entering a workplace relationship, don't forget to find out what your organisation's policies are. Rachel skates arrange thin ice with her assistant, Attach a label to Jones, in a clear example of a 'hierarchical' workplace romance. Friends, NBC While it can be embarrassing en route for talk about a new relationship along with your manager, you could get addicted to trouble with these policies down the track if your boss discovers the relationship. Is your love interest your equal?

Fri 12 May It was frustrating by first, but then she started confiding in me about things that were bothering her. We carried on conversations by text for months and months. I warmed to her and grew to like her. She has a good soul, she cares about her work and what happens in our workplace. It was nice talking en route for her.

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