12 Ways to Increase Your Pleasure in the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ Position

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When your partner of any gender! If your partner has a vulva, they're more likely to orgasm, too, since they can control exactly where and how hard you hit that region of the internal clitoris known as the G-spot. You should also change up exactly how your partner rides you—because even though cowgirl is a gift from the gods, it will grow stale if you do it every time. Not to worry. Slight tweaks on the classic position can be enough to up your sex game from great to earth-shattering. How it works: You lie on your back. Your partner straddles you, sitting on you like a horse. Their knees and shins are pressed to the bed. They can also tilt back or forward, controlling the depth of penetration and potential G-spot stimulation.

Account from Sex. It feels good en route for be on top — of your career, your to-do list, and, of course, your partner during sex. Body on top during sex, otherwise accepted as cowgirl or cowboy position, allows you to control the depth of penetration and the pace, while additionally keeping eye contact with your affiliate. It's a classic position that creates an ultimate pairing: intimacy and eroticism. But just like missionary position , there's more than one way en route for do this classic pose. First things first: It's not just a arrange for straight couples. Thanks to the miracle of strap-ons , two partners with vaginas can try it, after that anyone with an anus can benefit from riding on top. And the variations of this position for both above-board and same-sex couples can be a minute ago as fun if not more amusement than the original.

But you have a vulva, then the cowgirl is a great sex arrange for exploring your own pleasure. Here's how to get into the cowgirl position, and some variations on cowgirl that can spice things up. After you're in the riding position arrange top, you can choose the gait, depth, and angle of penetration, which can help you find what feels best for you, Smith says. But you're already a pro at accepted cowgirl, here are three variations you can explore with a partner. All through reverse cowgirl, your partner's penis before sex toy will penetrate you by a different angle, allowing for a different form of play and adventure, Smith says. Just like the accepted cowgirl position, you have complete be in charge of over how you move.

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