Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

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Browse the full list. Can you be too beautiful? It is hardly a problem that most of us have to contemplate — as much as we might like to dream that it were the case. Yet the blessings and curses of beauty have been a long-standing interest in psychology. Do those blessed with symmetrical features and a striking figure live in a cloud of appreciation — or does it sometimes pay to be plain?

Accordingly, why? Why is it that blondes demand this attention from men? After that yes, human evolution is behind all but everything we humans do. The central reason why men prefer blondes is hidden deep in our subconscious. Fair-haired women generally have light skin.

The Ohio State University. The study of 10, Americans found that white women who said their natural hair color was blonde had an average IQ score within 3 points of brunettes and those with red or black hair. While jokes about blondes can seem harmless to some, it be able to have real-world implications, said Jay Zagorskyauthor of the study and a delve into scientist at The Ohio State Academe. The results for blond white men were similar — they also had IQs roughly equal to men along with other hair colors. The study was published last week in the academic journal Economics Bulletin. Data from the analyse came from the National Longitudinal Analyse of Youth NLSY79a national survey of people who were between 14 after that 21 years old when they were first interviewed in

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