Blonde hair blue eyes and some baffling facts

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He has authored many analytical articles on Asia and India in several Danish newspapers. He has studied anthropology at Copenhagen University and has specialized in human rights and democratization. Mrutyuanjai Mishra has spent half of his life in India and the other half in the Scandinavian countries Denmark and Sweden. He is currently working on a book on India to be used for higher educational purposes in Scandinavian countries. The location itself is fascinating with water all over and tourists swarming everywhere throughout the year. One fine day, I was invited by a bunch of Italian students who wanted to interact with students from other countries. I am often met with bewilderment and disbelief in Scandinavian countries when I say that I am Indian, being 6 feet tall.

Accurate Republish this article We believe all the rage the free flow of information. Announce the original article. Professor Mark Elgar For every people in the earth, only one or two will allow red hair. And when you assemble a red head with blue eyes, you are looking at the rarest colour combination of all for being beings. The odds of having equally red hair and blue eyes sits at around 0. Picture: Shutterstock About 17 per cent of people allow blue eyes, and when combined along with per cent having red hair , the odds of having both traits are around 0.

Adolf Hitler's eye color in a atypical color photo A rare color photograph of Adolf Hitler which shows his true eye color. Although Adolf Hitler claimed the Germans were of a superior Aryan race of white, big, blonde hair, blue-eyed individuals, he himself was of modest height, blue-eyed, after that brown-haired. Those who met Hitler, afterwards the War often refer, in their reminiscences, to his remarkable pale, absolve blue eyes, which many states, clearly, had a distinctly hypnotic quality. All the rage objective fact, they were physically famous — large and slightly bulging — and Hitler made a point of using them for dramatic effect. It was his practice when meeting a big cheese for the first time, to along with what he imagined to be a penetrating gaze. Goebbels described one of his first meetings with Adolf Hitler in the diaries he kept: Shakes my hand. Like an old acquaintance.

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